Tuesday, May 6, 2008

word to your mother

i did a old rough draft a while back ago, and i just added more details. I guess i could add more, but i'm kinda done with this one. I used 3d to layout the perspective and the buildings and just added shit in and out.


10ske said...

Werd.. love the detail on the buildings. you cheated on the perspective! lol. i needz to learn me some building drawings. great.

Rayford said...

Cool! Hope you don't mind a little crit(?):D ...I would try and define where the light is coming from a bit more and possibly add some atmospherics to the tops of the buildings to sell their height a bit more. Maybe fade some of the background buildings out a bit more to again to sell the depth some more. Nice work all 'round Sung!

Bobby Pontillas said...

I'd say there's a severe lack of upskirts in this one. Other than that, great design man.