Thursday, May 1, 2008


Another Street Fighter to make up for the craptastic last one. This idea was jacked from the end of the latest TF2 vignette.


Eka said...

KO! nice one Bobby

Zimm said...

Glory be to the sepia tone vector look.

scampbell said...

i'd ibuki her any day. nice work.......does that mean we all have to do another one? Lets make all of them upskirts.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Haha! Well if thats the case, there are a few bullet points that'd be required, along with obligatory upskirts.

-Thunder Thighs
-Water balloon "funbags" (that animate like testicles)
-Dental floss leotards

And go! You've got 5 minutes Zimm.

10ske said...

hot damn.. great work again Bobby!

Rayford said...

Fuckin-A bubba! This rawks!