Monday, March 3, 2008

My Favorite tv show from when i was a kid!

Well, there was He-Man, Inspector Gadget and Transformers.. TMNT was great.. but the best of the crop was always GI JOE.. Who else is there to fight the oncoming forces of terrorism from the likes of Cobra Commander!! no one.. but da Joe's.


lol. well, here's Snake-Eyes.. everyones fave ninja soldier.



Bobby Pontillas said...

Rad Tony, I love Snake Eyes and I love this style!

10ske said...

thx bobby! my problem is consistency! sometimes its good most of the time my art stinks. lol. learning from your guys pics!

Rayford said...

Nice! I like the ink block feel to it. I've never seen these characters handled in this way. Very cool!

Eka said...

one of my favorites of yours, Tony. How about Stormshadow too?