Monday, March 17, 2008

03/17/2008 Weekly(ish) Challenge: Street Fighter

All right, nice work on the Dune pieces ya'll. I think we could start production on the new movie adaptation - Dune-Song of the Atreidies: The Musical. Maybe we could get the remaining members of REO Speedwagon and Toto on board to provide the soundtrack. Awesome to the maxx!

Okay maybe not. Anyway, on to the present challenge - Street Fighter! I know some of you will be all over this in a heartbeat. Let's give ourselves a couple of weeks for this one. Why the extra time? Well, oddly enough this challenge just happens to coincide with the deadline for submissions to the Street Fighter Art Tribute book:

Read the rules for qualification. Otherwise do whatever you want:) Deadline is March 30th.

Yoga Flame!

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TJ Phan said...

Oh shoot! Street Fighter!!! I almost want to put my quarter up for this one as well! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

Sweet Dune pieces btw!