Monday, March 3, 2008

Marooned WIP

Arrgg... I'm so far behind on this stuff. I'm working on a book cover that falls under this category however, with a newborn in the house I'm lucky if I get an hour or two in the evenings to get into this. In the meantime I've been capturing the process using Camtasia and posting on youtube. Someday I'll finish it!

If you'd like to see it from the start, go to my youtube channel here:


Bobby Pontillas said...

RAAAAAAAAAAAAd. So Step 1, start out with a beautiful sketch, thats a tall order my friend.

Doug Williams said...

I agree with Bobby. Step one seems like a pretty big leap. It's awesome man, and I feel your pain with finding time to draw. I have a three year old and finally was getting more time, and now I have another due any day...draw time go bye bye.

Always a pleasure seeing your work, and some point we'll have to have a Bobby mediated lunch or something.

Rayford said...

LOL! Sorry guys! I didn't get my copy of Camtasia until *after* I did the thumbnail:) Next time:) Congrats on the new addition Doug. That's wonderful news. Man I'd love to meet you sometime Doug. When things settle down for you a bit?

10ske said...

holy moly! loving all the vids. the details just get better as you move on. please show me more vids of backgrounds that you've drawn.. show me how!!!? please. i wanna learn!

chunkstyle23 said...

Her outfit is FABULOUS! Scarf, helmet, boots, holsters... it's all working, girl.

Gorgeous stuff.