Sunday, November 25, 2007

Spider-woman on a '97 Camry

She has been away for awhile and so was I. In brief this image started with a rejected SW sketch that I brought back to tinker with. I wanted to try out an animated style but the finished piece without some context or background was lacking interest. I decided to do a rainy scene so I bought in an older photo that I took in Chinatown to quickly pull the idea together. I did a bit of processing to get the right feel and focus. Next I added rain drops effect, added rain as well as comping in some background and foreground mist. The color of the figure had to be tweaked to match the scene. I added a cheap reflection on the hood where she is kneeling using a inverted copy of the figure. Lastly I added blown out lights for the background and punched up the contrast of the figure by adding some rim lighting. Originally I was targetting 1/2 hour to complete a quick color sketch but at the end I probably spent about 2 hours and change on this piece.

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Rayford said...

Awesome Kevin. Thanks for the process explanation too...!